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IM2IM'09 workshop

May 27-29, 2009

Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions



Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
University Pierre et Marie Curie
175 rue du Chevaleret, 75013 Paris (13e arrondissement)

Access (Map & building photo)

  1. room 2E01 (LJLL) on 27 may, 2009
  2. room 1C06 (ground floor) on 28 and 29 may, 2009

Lunches will be taken in the same building.


Do not waste time to fill a set of boxes on internet,
send an e-mail to Marc Thiriet
stating days of presence at IM2IM workshop
as well as talk title.
A priori, no fees


  1. 20th anniversary of ERCIM Meeting in Paris
    (28 May 2009 afternoon: Working Group Chair Meeting)
    ERCIM Meeting
  2. FP7-ICT-2009-6 that will be launched on 24th November 2009
    Deadline on 13th April 2010
    Budget : 286,4 Meuros.
    Virtual Physiological Human: 61 Meuros
    (more than 50% to IPs, min of 30% to STREPs and 2 Meuros to CSA.

Program & Talk

  1. Talks are scheduled on Day 1 (may 27)
  2. Days 2 (may 28 morning) and 3 (may 29) will be devoted to proposal for VPH EU call.
  3. Day 2 (28 May 2009 afternoon free; ERCIM WG leader meeting)
  4. Speakers will present team work and propose potential paths for joint VPH proposal. Talk duration 10 to 15 mn.
  5. Attendees (from positive answer) from EU (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and UK), North America (Canada and USA), and Asia (Japan, Singapore, Taiwan).
  6. As proposals for FP7 will be the major goal of this workshop, industries and companies are wellcomed.


IM2IM workshop will include different sessions related to:

  1. medical image processing and meshing; 3D reconstruction and virtual reality in medicine and surgery (medical simulators, computer-aided diagnosis, treatment planning);
  2. Modeling and simulations of biological processes (angiogenesis, mechanotransduction, cell division, circadian rhythm, tumorigenesis, etc.);
  3. Interventional medicine and mini-invasive surgery, cardiovascular dynamics, design and shape optimization of implantable medical devices; medical robotics and human motion modeling;
  4. Respiratory mechanics and aerosols;
  5. Thermal ablation of tumors;
  6. High-speed computing and experimental validation.

as well as
a round table for proposals (STREP rather than IP) to be submitted in the framework of FP7.

Attendees and Talks

  1. Suncica Canic
    "An overview of the Houston group in cardiovascular dynamics"
    Department of Mathematics, University of Houston
  2. Anna Caroli
    Biomedical Engineering Department, Mario Negri Institute, Bergamo, Italy
  3. Stephen Daniels
    Wales Research and Diagnostic Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Centre, School of Medicine, Cardiff University
  4. Luca Formaggia
    MOX, Mathematics Department "F. Brioschi", Politecnico di Milano)
  5. Andr� Garon
    D�partement G�nie M�canique, Ecole Polytechnique de Montr�al
  6. Martin Hofmann
    Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing, Sankt Augustin, Germany
  7. John Middleton
    MediTech; Biomechanics Research Unit, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff Medicentre
  8. Pino Pontrelli
    CNR, Instituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo, Roma
  9. Daniel Racoceanu
    IPAL, Singapore
  10. Andrea Ripoli
    CNR, Clinical Physiology Institute and Physics Department, University of Pisa
  11. Thomas Schmitz-Rixen
    Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main
  12. Cherng Yeu Shen, Shou-I Chen, Tzu-I Tseng
    NCHC, Taiwan
  13. Tony Wen-Hann Sheu, Marc Thiriet, Reui-Kuo Lin
    "On an acoustics-thermal-fluid coupling hyperthermia therapy model for ablating liver tumor"
    Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering, National Taiwan University and LJLL, University Paris VI)
    [SheuTwhHIFU.pdf abstract]
  14. Dominik Szczerba
    BIWI as well as IT'IS, ETHZ
  15. Thomas Vogl
    Institutes Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Frankfurt am Main

Attendee Companies

  1. Andheo (Fluid Dynamics Engineering)
    Tristan Soubri�
  2. Materialise (Medical Prototyping, CAD software, Surgery Simulator)
    [mailto: Anke Roekaerts], Davy Willems
  3. Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPAEG; Electromagnetic Field and Thermal Simulation)
    Michael Oberle, Dominik Szczerba

Some Hotels

(ask if there is any reduction price for University / CNRS / INRIA)

  1. BEST WESTERN La Tour Notre Dame
    20 Rue du Sommerard, 75005 PARIS
  2. Arian H�tel Paris
    102 avenue de Choisy, 75013 Paris
  3. H�tel des Beaux Arts
    2, rue Toussaint F�ron, 75013 Paris
  4. Jacks' H�tel
    19, Av. St�phen Pichon - 75013 Paris
  5. H�tel de la Place des Alpes
    2, place des Alpes - 75013 PARIS
  6. Ibis Paris Place D'italie
    25, Avenue Stephen Pichon, 75013 Paris
  7. Best Western Hotel de Weha
    205 Avenue de Choisy, 75013 Paris
  8. KYRIAD Gobelins
  9. H�tel Manet
    6 rue Corvisart, 75013 Paris
    76 Avenue de Choisy, 75013 PARIS
  12. Residence Montparnasse
    14, rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris
  13. Timhotel Italie Bercy
    22, rue Barrault, 75013 Paris
  14. La Manufacture
    8, rue Philippe de Champagne, 75013 Paris
  15. Park&Suite Paris Grande Biblioth�que