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ERCIM MTE Working Group

The Vision

The vision for this working group is to actively engage in the emerging new field of Media Technology & Edutainment.


The aim is to realise interactive technologies to create a comprehensive network delivery mechanisms and open reference architecture for a completely new intelligent and dynamically adaptive application value chain.

The Media Technology & Edutainment in a nutshell seeks innovative ways to merge human-computer interaction holistic design in the area of novel context or location-aware interfaces (mobile, ubiquitous, multimodal, mixed reality) as well as creating and implementing solutions and middleware with digital broadcasting & networking as the underpinning platforms.

The final objective is to contribute to technology development efforts by deepening our understanding of human and technological issues relevant in the use as well as creation of new technologies.

To excel in the area of Media Technology & Edutainment one requires acquiring extensive and continuously evolving knowledge in various thematic such as synchronous and asynchronous middleware communications, publish/subscribe, data synchronization, context-aware systems, and more recently peer-to-peer content dissemination and delivery. Therefore we divided these themes into the following major technological fields:

  • Edutainment Systems & applications (products & standards)
  • Interactive Games (Using AR & VR)
  • New Broadcasting Formats
  • Transmedia Systems, [One content different platforms i.e. Mobile, PC , Interactive TV}
  • 3D Media & Broadcasting (TV & Cinema)
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Media Analysis (Metadata Creation, Retrieval and Storage)
  • Citizen Media Application.