Libor Běhounek

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Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling

University of Ostrava

30. dubna 22, 701 03 Ostrava 1, Czech Republic

Personal webpage

Selected publications

  • Introduction to Mathematical Fuzzy Logic (with P. Cintula and P. Hájek). In P. Cintula, P. Hájek, C. Noguera, editors, Handbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic - Volume 1, volume 37 of Studies in Logic, Mathematical Logic and Foundations. Pp. 1-101, London: College Publication, 2011.
  • Relational compositions in Fuzzy Class Theory (with M. Daňková). Fuzzy Sets and Systems 160(8): 1005-1036 (2009).
  • Relations in Fuzzy Class Theory: Initial steps (with P. Cintula and U. Bodenhofer). Fuzzy Sets and Systems 159 (2008) 1729-1772.
  • Fuzzy Class Theory (with P. Cintula). Fuzzy Sets and Systems 154 (2005) 34-55.