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ManyVal has the goal to build and maintain an international network of researchers focusing on current hot topics inside the broad field of many-valued logics and exploring connections with other fields of mathematics, computer science and philosophy, including universal algebra, proof theory, duality theory, geometry, knowledge representation, vagueness, and artificial intelligence.

The following activities help us to achieve these objectives:

  • Frequent research visits between the involved groups to work on the scientific goals of the group, with an emphasis on the mobility of PhD students.
  • Organization of conferences and workshops devoted to many-valued logics and related topics, in particular, the biannual series of international conferences: ManyVal and Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees.
  • Preparation of joint applications for international funded projects involving members of the group based in different countries.
  • Creation and maintenance of a web page of the working group to share and disseminate any information relevant to the activities of the group.