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* <b>April</b> Alain [http://wiki.ercim.org/wg/SoftwareEvolution/index.php/User:AApril]
* [http://wiki.ercim.org/wg/SoftwareEvolution/index.php/User:AApril <b>April</b> Alain ]
* <b>Girba</b> Tudor [http://wiki.ercim.org/wg/SoftwareEvolution/index.php?title=User:Girba]
* <b>Girba</b> Tudor [http://wiki.ercim.org/wg/SoftwareEvolution/index.php?title=User:Girba]

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The institutes and organisations (academic and industrial) participating in the WG can be found via this link: [1]

(this link points to the old WG webpages, it will be moved to this Wiki soon)

ERCIM Institutes

Other Academic Partners

Industrial Partners


  • Girba Tudor [2]
  • Heymans Patrick [3]
  • Tamzalit Dalila [5]
  • Zaidman Andy [6]

To be completed. The current list of users of this Wiki is available here: [7]

If you appear in that list, you can add yourself to this page, and create your own user page. If not, you should ask Tom Mens for a login