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Follow this link for a more general list on PhDs in Software Engineering[1]

This page collects all PhD dissertations whose subject is related to software evolution. If you are the author of such a dissertation, or if you aware of such dissertations, please add it to this page.


  • Carlos Noguera. A Model-driven tool-set for Developing and Validating Annotation Frameworks. University of Lille, France, November 2008
  • Israel Herraiz Tabernero. A statistical examination of the properties and evolution of libre software. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain, October 2008 [2]
  • Naouel Moha. Decor: Détection et correction des défauts dans les systèmes orientés objet. Université des Sciences et Technologie de Lile, France, August 2008.
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  • Bram Adams. Co-evolution of Source Code and the Build System: Impact on the Introduction of AOSD in Legacy Systems. Universiteit Gent, Belgium, May 2008. ISBN 978-90-8578-203-2 [3]
  • Magiel Bruntink. Renovation of Idiomatic Crosscutting Concerns in Embedded Systems. Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands, March 2008 [4]
  • Marius Marin. An Integrated System to Manage Crosscutting Concerns in Source Code.Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands, January 2008 [5]
  • Filip Van Rysselberghe. Studying Historic Change Operations: Techniques and Observations. Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium, January 2008.