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Anthony Cleve is an assistant professor in information system evolution at University of Namur (FUNDP). He is also a part-time Lecturer in database engineering at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Previously, Anthony was an ERCIM post-doctoral research fellow at INRIA Lille (2009-2010), where he worked in the ADAM team. He holds an MSc degree (2004) and a PhD degree (2009) in Computer Science from the University of Namur. Anthony also worked as visiting researcher at CWI, Amsterdam, where he was a member of the SWAT team (2005-2006).

Anthony's research interests include information system maintenance and evolution, software and data reverse engineering, program analysis and transformation, self-adaptive and context-aware systems.

Anthony serves and has served in the organizing and program committees of international conferences and workshops including ASE, ER, ESEC/FSE, ICSM, CSMR, IWPSE, SLE, WCRE. He is co-chair of the ERCIM Working Group on Software Evolution, member of the MoVES network on Software Modeling, Verification and Evolution, and steering committee member of the International Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution (IWPSE). He is program co-chair of CSMR'2012.

Click here to visit Anthony's personal web page.