First meeting at Zürich

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The 1st ERCIM WG eMobility meeting in 2009 was held at SWITCH, Werdstrasse 2, Zürich, Switzerland, on Wednesday, January 28, 2009.

Ercim zurich 2009.jpg


  • Thomas Bohnert, SAP
  • Torsten Braun, U Bern
  • Kurt Baumann, SWITCH
  • Ioannis Komnios, Democritus U Thrace
  • Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Tampere UT
  • Jean-Frédéric Wagen, UAS / EIA-FR
  • Geert Heijenk, U Twente
  • Javier Poncela, U Malaga
  • Francisco Barcelo, UP Catalunya
  • Do van Thanh, NTNU
  • Robert Bestak, Czech TU
  • Wim Vanhoof , U Namur
  • Dimitri Konstantas, U Geneva
  • Peter Schelkens, VU Brussels
  • Edmundo Monteiro, U Coimbra


  • 10.00 - 12.00 h
    1. Welcome and introduction of participants
    2. Presentation of new members
    3. Preparation of 3rd ERCIM eMobility workshop in 2009, co-located with WWIC 2009
    4. Presentation of activity
  • 12.00 - 13.30 h
    1. Lunch at Restaurant Helvetia
  • 13.30 - 16.30 h
    1. Presentation & discussion of joint project proposals in FP7 calls 4/5
    2. Any other business


Activities in 2008

  • 2nd ERCIM Workshop on eMobility, Tampere (Finland), May 30, 2008
    • Invited Session: Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks and Cooperating Objects: Towards the Internet of Smart Things
      • Jorge Pereira: From Autonomous to Cooperative Distributed Control: Towards the Internet of Smart Things
      • Pedro Jose Marron, University of Bonn and Fraunhofer IAIS (CONET): Cooperating Objects: roadmap towards deployment
      • Gianpaolo Cugola, Politecnico Milano (WASP): Content & Context Aware Routing for Mobile WSNs
      • Manuel Serrano, ETRA I+D (EMMA): Cooperating objects in the field of Mobility
      • Markus Taumberger, VTT (POBICOS): A Middleware Platform Enabling Cooperation in the Object Community
    • Technical Sessions
      1. Transport Protocols
      2. Multi-Hop Networks
      3. Services, User Interfaces and Mobility
  • 1st International Workshop on Mobile and Kinetic User Interfaces, Fribourg, October 13-14, 2008

Activities planned in 2009

  • 3rd ERCIM WG eMobility Workshop 2009
    • May 27, 2009 at Twente, co-located with WWIC 2009
    • Format:
      • Invited sessions with talks on
        • related European NoEs, e.g. Content (responsible: Edmundo Monteiro)
        • Internet of Things / collaborting objects (Jorge Perreira, to be contacted by Torsten Braun)
        • Car-to-Car communications (responsible: Thomas Bohnert, Geert Heijenk)
      • Technical contributions
        • primarily from ERCIM WG eMobility members with (full), short, abstract papers (12 / 6 / 1-2 pages)
      • Brainstorming session for EU FP7 ICT Call 5
    • Dates
      • Paper submission: March 30, 2009
      • Author notification: April 19, 2009
      • Camera-ready versions and registration: May 1, 2009
    • Organization of paper submission and reviews via edas (to be set up by Geert Heijenk)
    • Workshop Topics
      • Future mobile applications, e.g. medical applications, multimedia, mobile learning, telematics
      • Mobile application support such as coding, content distribution and adaptation
      • User interfaces of mobile devices and applications
      • Ubiquitous, pervasive, and context-aware computing and communications
      • Location-based services
      • Mobile Peer-to-Peer
      • Security including trust and authentication
      • Runtime adaptation
      • Software development for mobile devices
      • Wireless access networks
      • Mobile ad-hoc and wireless mesh networks
      • Sensor networks
      • Wireless experimentation and test networks
      • Simulation methods and tools for wireless networks
      • Mobility management, roaming, and handover support
      • Quality-of-Service and traffic engineering
      • Transport protocols and congestion control in wireless networks
      • Cross-layer protocol design
      • Energy-efficient protocol mechanisms
      • User interaction for mobile devices
      • Vehicular and car-to-car communication
    • Activity initiated by Peter Dely (Karlstad U) and Thomas Staub (U Bern,
    • Common web portal on European wireless mesh test-beds
      • Test-bed architectures and used hardware
      • Developed software,
        • e.g., operating systems, management software, emulation
      • Publications
      • Related work
    • Email list to be announced to ERCIM WG eMobility members
    • Related activity: The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL),

Other Activities

  • ERCIM Fellowships
  • ERCIM News Articles
    • Special issue on “Future Wireless Internet” to be organized by Torsten Braun
    • Could serve as a basis for a book, e.g. LNCS
  • Reports on activities in IEEE CommMag Newsletter
  • Special issues in journals to be organized on a specific topic by individual members