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The mission of the ERCIM Blockchain Technology Working Group is to examine the establishment of Blockchain Technology as a field of computer science research in Europe.

This includes:

  • Solidify, nurture and further incubate the fledgling community of European Blockchain technology research already established at ERCIM
  • Foster an “interdisciplinary” exchange between European researchers specialised in the various fields that blockchain technology covers (P2P, cryptography, …)
  • Establish a roadmap documenting ongoing research and open research questions in the rapidly moving field of blockchain technology
  • Organize one or more ERCIM workshops on Blockchain technology to support the dissemination of research results
  • Create a community that will be in a position to successfully establish collaborative research projects on a European level
  • Develop, analyse and evaluate Blockchain applications, networks and infrastructures

Planned activities are:

  • Development of a Blockchain roadmap and research landscape documenting ongoing research and open research questions
  • Development a shared blockchain infrastructure between ERCIM members as demonstration and testbed for blockchain applications.
  • Development of a Blockchain registry that provides information about running and planned private/public Blockchain networks to enable networking and interoperability initiatives (Q2/2018)
  • Discussion and contribution to standardization activities for interoperability issues. (ongoing)