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ERCIM MTE Working Group

The MTE was closed in 2016. These pages are maintained for information and archives.

The Vision

The vision for this working group is to actively engage in the emerging new field of Media Technology & Edutainment.


In recent years, the mobile phone market has grown extremely (with further growth potential in 3G yet to be expected) giving the average consumer access to cheap, small, low-powered and constantly networked devices that reliably are carried around. Similarly, laptop computers and PDAs have become a common accessory for businesses to equip their employees with, when on the move.

Moreover the convergence of IP and broadcast networks and of content on various devices is coupled to new social dynamics indicating the eagerness of media consumers to interact with their personalised content is enormous. This is of particular interest when two main new elements which address Media Synergy and Ubiquity are built in any future device middleware.

Group Coordination

Chair: Dr. Sepideh Chakaveh, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Co-Chair: Wolfgang Vonolfen, Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany

Co-Chair: Herbert Rüsseler, Fraunhofer FIRST, Germany