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European Laboratory for Software Evolution

The ELSE Consortium brings together researchers from several European universities who share an interest in developing a virtual laboratory for studying the co-evolution of software-intensive systems with society.

We are proposing the creation of an e-research facility with the working title European Laboratory for Software Evolution (ELSE). Our motivation is that a significant obstacle to progress in researching evolutionary phenomena in software-intensive systems is the difficulty of conducting realistic, industrial-scale investigations, especially for small research teams operating at arm’s- length from each other.

ELSE will address this problem by providing a virtual research environment (VRE) where researchers in software evolution and related fields can find annotated collections of data, tools, patterns and templates, ‘how-to’ documents, previous results, and access to expertise in using them. The Laboratory will provide an on-line environment where researchers and practitioners can share research facilities and experiences and seek partners in projects.

ELSE’s concerns will encompass both the social and the engineering aspects of evolution in software-intensive systems, and will therefore draw on existing achievements in both e-social science and e-science. It will create an exciting and innovative facility that will be attractive to researchers in fields ranging from software engineering, through informatics and business history to society and technology studies and anthropology. We are actively seeking both academic and industrial partners who will join us in taking this vision forward.


ELSE Consortium


26 November 2008, London, UK: 1st ELSE steering committee meeting. Participants: Juan Fernandez-Ramil, Michel Wermelinger, Paul Wernick, Stephen Cook, Sylvain Degrandsart, Keiichi Nakata, Israel Herraiz.

6 February 2009, Brussels, Belgium: 2nd ELSE steering committee meeting. Participants: Tom Mens, Jesus Gonzales-Barahona, Sylvain Degrandsart, Paul Wernick, Stephen Cook, Keiichi Nakata, Israel Herraiz, Yijun Yu, Michel Wermelinger, Andrea Capiluppi.

26 August 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 3rd ELSE steering committee meeting. Participants: Stephen Cook, Michel Wermelinger, Paul Wernick, Kim Mens, Tom Mens, Paul Klint, Daniel Izquierdo, Santiago Dueñas, Sylvain Degrandsart


The Evolution of Eclipse, ICSM 2008