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Electronic communication

The following electronic communication channels are available to the WG members.

Mailing list

Two moderated mailing lists are available for the WG, a private and a public one. The private mailing list is accessible to the steering committee members only. Mails from other persons will be refused automatically.

The public mailing list is accessible to all WG members for sending and receiving information that is considered to be relevant for all WG members. They can subscribe themselves via the mailman administration webpage [1]. To prevent abuse, all incoming mails will be screened and approved (or rejected) by the mailing list moderator.

The mailing list of SRE, the german chapter of our working group, is

The mailing list of RIMEL, the french chapter of our working group, is


Apart from the Wiki you are currently reading [2], there is another Wiki website devoted to software evolution [3]. In fact, it is part of the Wiki website devoted to program transformation [4].

Sharing information / Social networks


There is a Bibsonomy with articles related to software evolution available here: [5]


A Twine interest group related to software evolution is available here: [6]


A LinkedIn group available for members of this ERCIM Working Group is available here: [7]