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May 30, 2008 - Tampere, Finland
in conjunction with WWIC 2008

Invited Session

The slides of the invited session Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks and Cooperating Objects: Towards the Internet of Smart Things can be downloaded from the workshop programme page.


The 2nd ERCIM Workshop on eMobility has been held at Tampere University of Technology (Finland) on May 30, 2008, directly after the 6th International Conference on Wired / Wireless Communications (WWIC). More than 30 participants attended this workshop. The first session on “Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks and Cooperating Objects: Towards the Internet of Smart Things” has been organized by Jorge Pereira (first picture) from the European Commission. In his introductory talk on “From Autonomous to Cooperative Distributed Control: Towards the Internet of Smart Things” he illustrated the vision on cooperating smart objects and highlighted that more research is required during the coming years, in particular on scalability issues. Jorge Pereira mentioned several application examples and running European projects. Four of those projects have been presented in the other four talks of the session, in particular the projects CONET (Pedro Marron, University of Bonn), WASP (Gianpaolo Cugola, Politecnico di Milano), EMMA (Manuel Serrano, ETRA I+D), POBICOS (Markus Taumberger, VTT). (second picture: Marron, Serrano, Taumberger, Cugola)

Pereira     Marron, Serrano, Taumberger, Cugola     

In addition to this invited session, three technical sessions have been organized to present and discuss scientific contributions mainly from ERCIM eMobility WG members based on abstracts, short papers and full papers. All contributions have been reviewed and 10 out of 20 submissions have been selected by the technical program committee for presentation. The session on “Transport Protocols” chaired by Francisco Barcelo-Arroyo (UPC / SPARCIM) considered various aspects such as delay-tolerant networking for space applications and TCP performance over wireless networks in case of packet aggregation and unreliable ARQ mechanisms. Different wireless multi-hop networks have been addressed in the session on “Multi-Hop Networks” chaired by Geert Heijenk (U Twente). Talks covered medium access control optimizations for multi-frequency sensor networks, routing in hybrid / heterogeneous wireless ad-hoc networks as well as multi-path routing in wireless mesh networks to support real-time multimedia applications. The final session chaired by Torsten Braun (U Bern / SARIT) has been entitled “Services, User Interfaces and Mobility”. The invited talk by Victoria Sanchez (U Granada) discussed performance issues of a distributed client/server architecture to support speech-based user interaction for mobile devices. As an example location-based services can be supported. Another talk presented a novel location-based service for disseminating geographic information based on a completely self-organizing approach. The final presentations discussed optimisations for handovers in future IP-based wireless networks and analysed the residence times of mobile users under different mobility models.

The 2nd workshop of the ERCIM WG on eMobility has been a big success in terms of attendance and quality of presentations. This could only be achieved due to the hard work of authors and reviewers. The hosts at Tampere University of Technology not only provided excellent meeting facilities, but also organized to publish printed workshop proceedings.


The proceedings of the workshop may be downloaded in PDF format.
A printed version is also available (ISBN: 978-952-15-1972-7).

The CfP of the workshop is still available here.

ERCIM eMobility

Scientists interested in joining the eMobility Working Group should contact the Working Group coordinator.

Please contact:
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